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~ Friday, April 18 ~

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"You know how you’re going to get punished
don’t you, pet?”


"You know how you’re going to get punished

don’t you, pet?”

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Dita Von Teese on the Art of Seducation

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"Glory And Gore" by Lorde

Put it this way: I picked up this CD at Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis along with four other CDs and a few records.  I popped it in my car stereo on the long drive home, and surprised myself by listening to Pure Heroine from beginning to end three times in spite of how eager I was to listen to the other CDs. I was hooked.  I dig how the musical accompaniment is so beautifully rhythm-oriented and spare, leaving room for Lorde’s amazing voice and lyrics that aren’t just about parties and ex-boyfriends.

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The tables are turning. PREVIEW: Su-zakana

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~ Wednesday, April 16 ~
Use both hands. Always.

Use both hands. Always.

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The waiting is the worst best part.

The waiting is the worst best part.

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~ Monday, April 14 ~
I like it when Daddy just takes what is his.

I like it when Daddy just takes what is his.

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